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Logo - Provides low-cost, reduced power, feature-rich handset with the frequency selective antenna (FSA) module technology that produces enhanced data communications rates, small form factor, and reduced power consumption.
  Management Team
L. Pierre de Rochemont, Founder/CEO— Developed the company's proprietary technology and is its chief marketing and product development strategist. Prior to founding GigaCircuits, Inc. and Composite Ceramic Technologies, LLC, his experience included: GaAs/AlGaAs semiconductor engineering, (Epitronics Corp., Phoenix, AZ); fiber-optics R&D and materials engineering of advanced high transparency glass systems (SpecTran Corp., Sturbridge, MA),; and, Principal Investigator/Program Manager on projects that developed advanced ceramic processes suitable for manufacturing high-Tc superconducting wire and magnets, nonlinear optical materials and systems, imaging radiation sensors and infrared biosensors with Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc., Watertown, MA .
Juha Jussila-Song, Director of Marketing and Supply Chain Coordination— brings more than 10 years of relevant experience in the wireless telecommunications experience with Nokia and Elcoteq. As General Manager, Nokia Japan, KK., he led Nokia's evaluation of Japanese low-temperature co-fired ceramic circuits (LTCC) when they were considered as an integration technology that might reduce the footprint of RF circuits. Mr. Jussila-Song adds management expertise in new technology sourcing and was a pioneer of commercial RFID application in Europe. He is fluent in English, French, and Finnish, conversant in German, Swedish, Japanese, and Chinese.

Paul Collander, European Representative and Technical Advisor—Brings 30 years experience developing and implementing new ceramic technologies for high-frequency radio and optical communications systems for Nokia R&D, Helsinki, Finland. He has led project coordination and new technology development programs for Nokia, and is an influential member of European and Finnish science and technical policy committees. He is a Fellow, International Microelectronics and Packaging Society, (2002), and serves as President IMAPS Europe 2005 - 2007.

Advisory Board

Keith E. Moe, Advisor, Operations Oversight, —
is a former Group Vice President, Electro and Communications Products, 3M Company and was the first business leader to apply Six Sigma principles to business operations. Mr. Moe is an advisor to several early stage technology companies and industry organizations including: Smarter Solutions (Board Member), InvestLinc Conmedesign (Board Chairman), and Critical Connections, Inc.
Mark E. Pecen, Ph.D./MBA, Advisor, Technology Oversight,— is Vice President, Advanced Technology, Research in Motion, Ltd (RIM) and formerly Distinguished Innovator and Science Advisory Board Member, Senior Manager of the Technical Staff, Motorola, Inc. Dr. Pecen developed a number of technologies adopted in global standards by the Global System for Mobile telecommunication (GSM), is an inventor on over 70 patents and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
Walter J. Trybula, Ph.D./MBA, Advisor Technology Oversight,— is currently the Director of the Nanomaterials Applications Center at Texas State Universtiy-San Marcos. As a Senior Fellow at SEMATECH, Austin, TX, Dr. Trybula successfully led the industry collaboration to commercialize immersion lithography. He is a member of the steering committee for the Texas Alliance for Nanoelectronics (TxAN)) and co-chair of the Texas State Strategy on Advanced Technology Working Groups for both Nanotechnology and MEMS. As a technology futurist, Walt has been involved in numerous applications of emerging technology.
Leif Smith, Investor / Advisor,— is President and Founder of The Explorations Foundation, Inc., Denver, Colorado, an organization that invests in freedom because it is good for explorers.
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The Revolution Continues The Revolution Continues