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Our value to the wireless industry:

GigaCircuits, Inc. is applying its patented ceramic nanotechnology to address fundamental non-technical constraints in the $130 billion wireless handset industry.

Macroeconomic Analysis shows that the wireless handset is at an inflection point and risks heading towards STAGNATION without a dramatic cut in the number of components that are used in the assembly of 3G handsets. In response to this inevitable transition, GigaCircuits is developing next generation manufacturing solutions that will transform the traditional wireless procurement system into a consumer demand-driven supply chain that will effectively lower costs through the systematic implementation of Just-in-Time (JIT), Lean, and 6 Sigma methodologies, minimizing acquisition and mark-up levels and maximizing logistical efficiencies.

This transformation will be catalyzed by applying GigaCircuits' patented ceramic nanotechnology to do for passive circuit integration what the silicon chip did for transistor assemblies, culminating in the development of a radical radio technology that will place its micro-antenna circuit modules at the heart of future Smart phone design.

05 27 08 - GigaCircuits intellectual property expands into antenna modules.
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01 29 08 - Dr. Walter J. Trybula , Director, Nanomaterials Applications Center at Texas State University thinks GigaCircuits’ patented technology will “enable high value manufacturing to return [to the United States]’ , while announcing new alliance with the company.
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10 03 07 - L. Pierre de Rochemont presents "Using Nanotechnology to Navigate the Emerging Inflection Point in the Wireless Industry" at nanoTX'07 in Dallas, TX.
08 12 07 - Collaboration initiated between GigaCircuits, Inc. and ST Microelectronics. ST Microelectronics, a worldwide leader of integrated circuits selected as a strategic 3G chipset supplier for Nokia Corp., stated that it is eager to evaluate GigaCircuits technology for two main applications: high performance value low profile inductor coils and frequency-selective antennas. "GigaCircuits may bring a very competitive advantage for these two technologies", said Laurent Jamet, New Technology and Business Development Director, ST Microelectronics, Cellular and Broadband Division, Grenoble, France.
05 01 07 - Mark E. Pecen, Ph.D., Vice President of Advanced Technology, Research-in-Motion, Ltd., joins GigaCircuits Advisory Board.
04 01 07 - Juha Jussila-Song joins the company as GigaCircuits' Director of Marketing and Supply Chain Management.
02 01 07 - L. Pierre de Rochemont is introduced by Don Brown, Director of the International Wireless Industry Consortium as "a man who, in the years to come, will be recognized as one of our industry's leaders" when GigaCircuits' Founder & CEO presents "Antenna: Simple Component or Wireless Inflection Point?" at the IWPC Workshop on Handset Antenna Technologies in Durham, North Carolina, January 30th through February 2nd, 2007.
01 25 07 - GigaCircuits scanning filtering antenna system is mentioned as a "promising technology path" in a report to the Software Defined Radio Forum by James Gunn.
10 25 06 - L. Pierre de Rochemont is invited to present "Novel Miniaturized Antennas for Reconfigurable Radios" at the IWPC Workshop on Reconfigurable/Smart Radios, Power Management and Smart User Interface held during October 22nd through October 27th in Grenoble, France.
04 25 06 - GigaCircuits Founder/CEO, L. Pierre de Rochemont presents "Novel Architecture for Low Power/Feature-Rich Handset Radios" at the IWPC conference in San Jose.
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The Revolution Continues The Revolution Continues